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Spotlight on IMC Intertech

Spotlight on IMC Intertech

IMC Intertech is pushing the limits of micro precision parts, with parts less than .012 cu inches, and tolerancing on the level of microns.  

We're thrilled to be working with IMC Intertech on the launch of their new website.  When it comes to micro precision and extremely small parts, IMC Intertech provides unparalleled capabilities, offering incredibly small micro-parts, micro-tubes, micro-needles, and micro-sub-assemblies.  

IMC Intertech's Unique Capabilities

IMC Intertech provides solutions for a very niche specialty of extremely small part fabrication.  Our goal was to help showcase that through use of both wide background images and focused part imagery to gain perspective on just how incredible their capabilities are.

IMC's capabilities opens new possibilities for designers and innovators, ranging from medical devices, electronics, and many others.

Site Features

IMC Intertech is built on WordPress.  The site seamlessly integrates with procurement software - KaizenDesk, to streamline your supply chain paperwork, while growing your leads.

  • Search engine optimized
  • Blog ready
  • Mobile optimized
  • Fast load times
  • Integration with KaizenDesk Online Quoting and Invoicing Platform

Looking to create a new site, or upgrade your current site? Please, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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